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Like All Hollywood Movies ..

January 22, 2008

… we have a happy ending.

Even though this petition had fuck all to do with his break, we thank you for your ‘vote’ of support!


The Petition Starts Here!

August 4, 2006

Rob Mortimer is a bloody decent guy. 

Sure he’s bald at only 24 [see him] and comes from Sheffield … but he is very smart, very keen and very much intune with people, brands and creativity.

He’s been talking to a bunch of planners for quite a while and yet, for some reason, no agency has snapped him up.

Is it because he’s a Northener?  Is it because he’s bald?  Is it because he doesn’t drink Pimms?  Is it because he doesn’t have any friends called Tarquin?


Anyway we decided to create this on-line petition in the hope that certain people in Adland will see many others think he is a smart guy … and maybe, just maybe, give him a chance to blossom and shine in their organisation.

He knows nothing about this … and is probably mortified about it … but we don’t care, we need the karma points, so come on … sign up to get him signed up!

Oh, and if you wonder why the people behind this site don’t give him a gig … it’s because we’re not in the UK and we have enough baldies in our place already!