The Petition Starts Here!

August 4, 2006

Rob Mortimer is a bloody decent guy. 

Sure he’s bald at only 24 [see him] and comes from Sheffield … but he is very smart, very keen and very much intune with people, brands and creativity.

He’s been talking to a bunch of planners for quite a while and yet, for some reason, no agency has snapped him up.

Is it because he’s a Northener?  Is it because he’s bald?  Is it because he doesn’t drink Pimms?  Is it because he doesn’t have any friends called Tarquin?


Anyway we decided to create this on-line petition in the hope that certain people in Adland will see many others think he is a smart guy … and maybe, just maybe, give him a chance to blossom and shine in their organisation.

He knows nothing about this … and is probably mortified about it … but we don’t care, we need the karma points, so come on … sign up to get him signed up!

Oh, and if you wonder why the people behind this site don’t give him a gig … it’s because we’re not in the UK and we have enough baldies in our place already!


70 Responses to “The Petition Starts Here!”

  1. Cynic Mob Says:

    Give him a job!  He’s already smarter and more insightful than a whole bunch of planners we could name and lets be honest, he’s so keen, he’s not going to want a fortune either.

    Stop being idiots, sign him up!

  2. Rob Mortimer Says:

    Lets just make this clear, I am not bald yet!
    Sure I will be by time I am 30 something, but it seems to be a requirement to be a planner…

    I am ridiculously flattered and slightly embarassed, my old petition idea fell down on my lack of html database knowledge; but this one is very good!

  3. Fun Says:

    I’m behind you Robert Mortimer

  4. ANDY Says:

    for a planner, you are alright. good luck.

  5. Dont know who you are but if the cynic lads like you i’ll sign. Good luck

  6. Rob Mortimer Says:

    Thank you for the support!
    And the fact that you did this for someone who wants to be a planner is all the more flattering Andy! 🙂

  7. Faris Says:

    I support the motion: Let Rob plan his brains out!

  8. here here. Rob must be employed to justify his fame.

  9. Andy Says:

    you should be honored rob, normally i wouldn’t piss on a planner if they were on fire.

  10. Ben Says:

    Yep. He’s a living meme. Sign him up.

  11. Rob Mortimer Says:

    Very true Andy, I heard you were also popular down at the petrol and matches superstore 😉

  12. Andrew Says:

    Stop the madness how, give Rob a job before he nabs mine.

    Northern Planner

  13. Seb Says:

    Definitely give him a job. I would kill for a planner like him.

  14. Scott Says:

    I only access his brain remotely and it is clearly more than good. therefore I am over qualified to say ‘give rob a job’.

  15. PR Dave Says:

    A glimpse of the blindingly obvious: Increased thought = more effective campaign = higher fees and loads of new clients. Think of signing Rob as ensuring a load more wonga in your own pay packet next year while you bask in the fame of being named “hot new agency of 2007”.

  16. Organic frog Says:

    I am 100% behind you, you deserve it. HIRE HIM!

  17. Woolford Says:

    I don’t even know Rob but I’d give him a job. He’s that good.

  18. Andrew Says:

    Don’t get defensive about baldness Rob, embrace it your pate.

  19. Patrick at Attik Says:

    I’m behind him. Anyone that can contribute to so many blogs deserves a job

  20. John at Attik Says:

    i back pat’s comment. give rob a job.

  21. peschke Says:

    I am bald. I support the motion. Give the man a decent job.

  22. Angus Says:

    I like bald men.

  23. After I’d met Rob at one of Russell’s coffee shindig things he described me as ‘dry and biting’ in my wit. For that reason he should NOT be given a job as a planner, and in fact should be fired immediately from the job he has!

    (Only joking. Clearly Rob knows quite a lot about ads, brands, strategy and all that kind of nonsense. And it would appear that more importantly he’s also a pretty good judge of people.)

    Good luck Rob.

  24. Doug Says:

    We admire him from afar. Go Rob go!

  25. Planning needs more northerners
    Give the man a job

  26. Hello Robert.

    I have just received an all-staff email informing me that I had to sign this petition or face being sacked.

    If my bosses like you, I like you. Yes, I am a suit.

  27. Do I at least get a drink out of this?

  28. Rich@CYNIC Says:

    come on, get him in

  29. george/cynic Says:

    Good luck Robert and if you are in our neck of the woods, please pop in and say hello.

  30. Jill Says:

    Good luck Rob.
    I don’t know you but I feel I do.
    Are you sure you want to do this planning thing?
    Hope it all works out for you.

  31. TVC Says:

    Read alot about you. All the best.

  32. this counts as 5 sign robert mortimer fans

  33. jenny Says:

    All the best of luck

  34. Amber Kemp Says:

    My bosses are planners and they are nice so I totally understand why you would want to be one.

    Hope it happens for you.

  35. Dan + CYNIC Says:

    andy has made us all sign this thing individually as multiple entries don’t count according to him.

    personally i’d rather drink acid than be a planner, but it takes all sorts.

  36. Pete Watman Says:

    See Dan’s entry above mine.

  37. Cynic Tom Says:

    give him a job then my boss can concentrate on work, not blogs

  38. This is my official vote as multiple voting isn’t allowed.

  39. Sanderson Says:

    you seen smart mate and you liked the tango ads i did years ago so i’ll sign anything you want. cheers.

  40. Lord Of IT Says:

    I am the man really behind this site. My boss can’t work a calculator never mind a blog so I want the accolade.

    Hope it all works out for you, it would make me proud.

  41. Jack Sprat Says:

    By bosses wanted me to sign this but I had to check out your blog first. No one makes me do shit.
    You seem OK and your english so I’ll happily sign.

  42. Rob @ Cynic Says:

    10 reasons why someone should give Rob a job because …

    [1] Andy, my business partner is ignoring PAYING CLIENTS and going round telling everyone in the office to sign this petition

    [2] Everyone in our office is ignoring our PAYING CLIENTS and signing this petition [even the bloody IT bloke who hasn’t muttered more than 2 words to any of us in over a year!]

    [3] My other half, Jill, has signed this thing and apart from the fact she should be hard at work, I don’t know how she found out about this site.

    [4] Rob is, as someone rightly pointed out, a ‘Northener’ and as a bloke from Nottingham, I feel we should be better represented in adland.

    [5] He is bloody good – and already far better than many people who are in paid employment under the title of ‘planner’.

    [6] If he moves to the US, Oz or Singers we will absolutely sign him up and then you buggers in the UK will be sorry.

    [7] Errrrm … he is folically challenged? Does that count?

    [8] Oooooh, maybe 10 reasons is abit much.

    [9] He likes ads we do which means he’s got fantastic taste.

    [10] He’s a Northener. Bugger I already said that didn’t I!

    Just hire him and if you need another reason why, check out his blog and then look at your own planning department and ask yourself, ‘Are they as informed or as enlightened?”

  43. Am I too late? Good luck Robert. Amyx

  44. Definately give him a job, he’s got the makings of a brilliant planner. Surely somebody out there needs him!

  45. Ben Says:

    Rob, who do you work for currently?

  46. Kris Says:

    I’m a planner. And I like your stuff Rob! Snap him up someone…

    PS (this (not mine) agency are looking for 2 planners…

  47. Give Rob a job. He’s a top man and knows his stuff.

  48. Rob Mortimer Says:

    Good grief!
    Although I hope its not really a sacking offence at Cynic not to sign this; its certainly working!

    Thank you so much to everyone who has added your name to this list so far!

    Ben: Email sent!

    Kris: Thanks, i’ll take a look!

  49. Charlie B +C Says:

    It is a sackable offence and I am late with my signiture.
    Good luck Rob, we love reading your views in the office.

  50. FishNChimps Says:

    Jeez I’ve known some shite planners in my time, so it’s refreshing to come across a chappie with the aptitude to become a good one.

  51. another aspiring planner Says:

    I wonder if this will work? Go Rob!

  52. Sean G Says:

    Ok, so I’m fashionably late to this party but that doesn’t make my support for Rob any less sincere. Hope this’ll work for him.

  53. Damian Says:

    I’ve never met anyone with the same mix of credentials that Rob has. All the best Rob!

  54. Hari Says:

    I hereby officially sign this petition. Best of luck Rob. I’d give you a job just for mobilising so many people, but am myself looking for one.

  55. Gareth Says:

    Someone give this man a job. From afar he seems smart and interesting and we need more northern planners! good luck rob

  56. Despite his support for sausages, he still deserves a job.

    Someone put him on the Danish Bacon account without delay

  57. MarcusBrown Says:

    Give him a job. now. SOFORT.

  58. Will Says:

    Give him a job, for pity’s sake. He’s committed to making the ad world a better place; which is what we need more of.

    No more crap comms, and Rob’s employment – that’s the future.

  59. Jade Says:

    Rob, you deserve a fab position with a fab organisation. I love that you have passion for what you want to do & I wish you the best of luck.

    Hire him now!

  60. […] I thought I’d take a moment to encourage anyone who hasn’t yet signed to go over to GIVE-ROB-A-JOB and ‘do the right […]

  61. Mark Says:

    Two thumbs up for Rob!

  62. bhaskar Says:

    Hope you get it soon, you sure deserve it. Good luck

  63. Quick tip Rob. I slept my way to the middle 😉

    I’ll chat to the people here shortly to see what is going on for openings.

  64. Angus Says:

    Someone PLEASE hire Rob.

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