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The Petition Starts Here!

August 4, 2006

Rob Mortimer is a bloody decent guy. 

Sure he’s bald at only 24 [see him] and comes from Sheffield … but he is very smart, very keen and very much intune with people, brands and creativity.

He’s been talking to a bunch of planners for quite a while and yet, for some reason, no agency has snapped him up.

Is it because he’s a Northener?  Is it because he’s bald?  Is it because he doesn’t drink Pimms?  Is it because he doesn’t have any friends called Tarquin?


Anyway we decided to create this on-line petition in the hope that certain people in Adland will see many others think he is a smart guy … and maybe, just maybe, give him a chance to blossom and shine in their organisation.

He knows nothing about this … and is probably mortified about it … but we don’t care, we need the karma points, so come on … sign up to get him signed up!

Oh, and if you wonder why the people behind this site don’t give him a gig … it’s because we’re not in the UK and we have enough baldies in our place already!